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Monday, September 29, 2008

Belly Cast(s)

We used dental alginate, reinforced with plaster bandages, to make the belly casts. Here I am at 34 weeks covered in minty fresh (and COLD) dental alginate.

Here you can see the dental alginate, with cotton applied. The cotton will help the plaster bandages to stick to the alginate.

There are some more photos here of the making of the 34 weeks belly cast.

Finished Product: 34 Weeks Belly Cast

There were a few imperfections (possibly due to the burlap having been chemically treated), so we decided to do another.

Here's the 38 Weeks Belly Cast (MUCH bigger!)


Niki said...

Completely awesome.

Christine said...

Wow - that is cool! We tried dental alginate once too, but found the best way is with the Belly Vita Belly Imprint material. It's once piece of sculpting fabric and the end sculpture is smooth and refined. It's a real piece of art :) Plus it includes aromatherapy! check it out -

Adams Young said...

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