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Monday, September 29, 2008

38 Weeks Today

I'm 38 weeks pregnant today! I'm still feeling great - no complaints. There's not a lot going on around here. I ordered the Babyhawk (baby carrier) with my birthday money. I got a reversible one (one side has dragonflies, the other has skulls), so Bill won't look like a sissy when he wears it. I'm also looking into having some maternity portraits made, but it's a bit last minute so it might not happen. If I don't have portraits made, the belly casts Bill has made will preserve the memory of my pregnant tummy. We did another one last night. It's amazing how much my belly has grown in the month since he made the last one. I'll post some photos soon.

Also I will post a snapshot of my enormous belly at 38 weeks soon, too. We've not taken any belly pics in a while now, which is kind of sad because the belly has reached impressive proportions now.

Today's main plan is to get the hospital bag completely packed. All the essentials are already in there, but everything on the (quite long) list hasn't made its way into the bag just yet.

Here's a 38 week pregnant belly:

More photos.


Beth said...

Good for you to get the diaper bag packes, I just did mine this weekend too! (38w3d).Hopefully you get the photos done too, I had my first child's maternity phots at 38 weeks, and it is great to look back at the pictures of such a big belly!

Mama Shel said...

Ooo, I'm so excited for you!! You will love this SO much and I just KNOW you will be such a wonderful mother. I can't wait to meet baby Calla. :)

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