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Monday, March 31, 2008

Midsouth Baby Expo

Bill and I came home from the Midsouth Baby Expo Saturday morning with two bags full of STUFF!

Free Loot included:
Cute Book about Kittens
A Bottle!
Some cute little tiny newborn diapers
A rattle
A bolster for the baby to lean on during "tummy time"

Interesting Booths included:

Trillium Woman Care - They had lots of great information about home birth and breast feeding.
Dr. Allison Stiles, pediatrician - Of all the pediatricians I met on Saturday, I was most impressed with Dr. Stiles. She also does internal medicine (she's a "med-ped"), so she can see treat everyone in the family, which could be handy.
Shelby County Books from Birth - Dolly Parton's state-wide project to give children a free book each month until age five. I think that's wonderful!
Infant Swimming Resource - At this booth, there was a video playing of a tiny infant, all by himself in the middle of a swimming pool, floating on his back. It was shocking to see, but, as the exhibitor pointed out, far better than the alternative. This program teaches children as young as six months how to swim, and how to "save themselves in an accidental water encounter."
First Impressions 3D/4D Ultrasound - Amazing. Expensive!
Dynamic Dads - They train, encourage, and motivate dads to give their best effort to the fathering task. Cool.

I'm really looking forward to reading all the brochures, magazines, and flyers I received on everything from water birth to "don't shake the baby" information!

Worst Booth:
Corky's BBQ - They stunk up the place and made me feel a bit barfy!

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