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Friday, March 28, 2008

How excited am I that Tina Fey, who I adore, is in a funny "baby movie" coming out April 25? Answer: Very!

I'll try to post the trailer here soon. It looks like a totally goofy good-natured kind of comedy. The very funny Amy Poehler co-stars. One disappointment, however, is that Tina didn't actually write this movie. Anyway, I know I'll enjoy the popcorn, nachos, and root beer if nothing else!


Mama Shel said...

I see that you were up at 6 am to make this post. Since you're pregnant I may as well go ahead and tell you to get used to that now.
Except you won't be posting. You'll be changing a diaper, filling a bottle or tolerating spit-up on your new shirt.
Welcome to motherhood!!

Catherine said...

I get up at five every day for work. Well on weekends I get up early just to keep my sleep schedule straight. I guess I can kiss my sleep schedule (and sleeping) good bye for a while pretty soon, huh?

Mama Shel said...

The bad news is you prolly won't get much sleep AT ALL the first couple of weeks.
The good news is after about a month you two and the baby will start to settle in and he/she will begin sleeping through the night.
In the meantime it would be good advice to just set your alarm clock to go off at random hours during the day and night to prepare for the onslaught of sleep deprivation. Or, use this time wisely and sleep twice as much!

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