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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Going!

Mid-South Baby Expo

The purpose of the Mid-South Baby Expo is to acquaint expectant and new parents with needed and pertinent educational resources within the Memphis Metro community. The event features exhibitor booths provided by health care providers, non-profit organizations and other businesses relevant to expectant and new parents, plus plenty of fun activities and educational seminars.

My awesome sister-in-law gave Bill and me free tickets to the Baby Expo, which I hear is really great. Besides, they have free ice cream for pregnant ladies, so you know I'm there!
I hear there are tons of drawings and give-aways, so if you or someone you know plans to attend, I recommend bringing some pre-printed address labels to save time entering the drawings.

Shel, have you heard about this already? Do you plan to go?

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Mama Shel said...

Aw man I'd LOVE to go but Miles has a birthday party to attend (and he can't drive yet) plus we're starting the 2 day process of moving this Saturday.
Bring me some ice cream! Oh wait, it'll be all melty by the time you get here. Nevermind.

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