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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tips for Folding Baby Clothes?

I started washing baby's clothes yesterday, and I realized that I have no idea how to fold these tiny little things! I made do, and I guess they are okay, but I'd love to hear any tips on folding baby clothes if you have any to share.


MrsHonea said...

I mostly hung my baby clothes up...the few exceptions being the little onsies that I was just going to use as little undershirts basically. Those you can just fold like tiny men's shirts. Everything else like socks, bloomers, tights, cloth diapers (aka spit cloths) were folded and put into drawers.

Heather said...

Its been too long for me, so I don't remember.. I do know that once she's here you'll just be happy to have gotten the laundry done, never mind all of that folding nonsense! ;-) nuboo

sweetpea said...

this is pam....
I didn't really fold Nathan's clothes at first. They were too tiny to stay folded it seemed! And because they are so little they fit unfolded in the drawers! Even now at 13 mo all his 12 and 18mo clothes i just fold in half and stack! :D Good luck! Isn't it fun getting preped? I loved it!

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