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Monday, July 7, 2008

Nursery Update

After an exhaustive search of the Internet, and patiently waiting on fabric swatches, I believe I have finally located the perfect crib bedding for the nursery at The Land of Nod.

Cute, right?

Now I just need to locate the perfect glider, the perfect rug, the perfect book case, the perfect shelves, the perfect high chair, and so on.

1 comment:

sweetpea said...

Pam again...
I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the bedding! oh i want a baby girl so bad right now.. ;0 ha ha... ok so as for a glidder... KMART!!!!! they have a white and pink rocker with ottoman and they are only like $105 or something... i'm going to double check after i send this and if i'll email you what i find ;)

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