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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Most Recent Ultrasound

Thanks for all the congratulations. We were really happy to learn that she is a girl, because we had been picturing ourselves with a daughter. You might recall I ate extra sweets around the time of conception. Don't know if it was fate or the Skittles, but anyway we have a girl coming.

The ultrasound started on a really solemn note though because we could hear the heartbreaking sobs of an inconsolable woman who I imagine received some very bad news during her ultrasound. I was fighting tears as Bill and I left the ultrasound waiting room to go in for my ultrasound. I felt so sorry for her. Her grief reminded me of how extremely lucky I am to have this healthy child growing inside me.

When went in for the ultrasound, I was relieved when I recognized the u/s tech as the woman who did my first ultrasound, because I remembered her as being very patient and kind - carefully explaining everything we were seeing. Also, I had a very bad experience with another tech there at my 12 week ultrasound, and I was glad that my doctor had remembered to make sure we didn't have to deal with her again.

This time we had a very good experience. Vicki, our tech, explained what she was looking for, then let us know that each thing looked good. I remember she said the baby's heart was "pretty" - and it WAS pretty. She was very informative. She would say, for example, "We're looking here to see that the heart has four chambers, and it does."

She asked if we wanted to know the gender. We said yes. When she said, "It's a girl," Bill squeezed my hand so tightly. The reaction would have been the same if she had said the baby was a boy, of course. It was just so great to reach another milestone of the pregnancy.

Anyway, everything checked out perfectly. The ultrasound confirmed that I have an anterior placenta, which I suspected because when I feel movement it's very faint. So I used to think "mellow baby" now I wonder if she's not a hellion, since I DO feel her moving around in there even with the cushioning of the placenta.

We'll be doing another ultrasound some time after 30 weeks. This will be a 3D ultrasound. Cool! I am just under a such spell each time I get to peek into her little world.

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