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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Stuff! Lots of photos.

OMG! Suddenly, we have so much baby stuff.

I was so glad I went home for lunch today, because the Rockabye CDs from my mom had arrived! Now, in addition to Radiohead, baby has The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd lullaby CDs for bedtime music hour.

ALSO, arriving in the mail today: my fetal stethoscope!!! This is a nifty device I can use to hear the baby. I tried it out on my lunch break today, but I think all I could hear was the placenta (it makes a noise, too). I'll have more time to play with it tonight, though.

We got our stimulus check, too. Nursery furniture is in our near future, I suspect.

And there is MORE stuff...
Yesterday, my dear friend Cheryl gave me a lot of cute baby clothes, new and hand-me-down (a few items looked very familiar; I'm pretty sure they came from Bill & me. Really kind of neat that our baby will be wearing stuff we picked out before we even knew we'd have a baby of our own some day!).

Onesies & a Snuggly Sleeper Thingie:

Cool Nightmare Before Xmas Onesie (w/stripes!!! I love stripes!):

Misc. Bibs (Including a Spit Happens bib):

Most Kickass Eat Brains bib (modeled by my RC Dalek):

Cheryl got this bib at Tear It Up, one of her favorite shops, which has really cool clothes for adults AND babies/toddlers. The bib is way better quality than pookie's other "I eat brains" bib. We love it!

Adorable Memphis Zoo hat (baby's first hat!!):

State Quarters Coin Collection from Granny

We saw Granny over the weekend and she gave the baby $10 rolls of each of the state quarters released in the first two years of the state quarters. This is going to pay for baby's college education someday. ;)

We are so lucky and so grateful.


Bill said...

BE CAREFUL! I have a feeling we are quickly becoming sworn enemies of the Daleks!


Catherine said...

Daleks don't even eat brains; I don't know why I keep putting those bibs on him. :)

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