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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look How Big Flutterbug is Now!

I like this photo to put the current size of my darling Flutterbug in perspective:

If you think that's big, you should see my tummy! We're still trying to find the digital camera so we can take belly pics. :(

I'm pretty sure I'm feeling this little one moving around now. I love it!


Mama Shel said...

I started feeling Miles moving around about 5 months into my pregnancy. It was particularly hot that day so I thought I was just feeling my pulse in my tummy then I realized, "Hey! I've never felt my pulse in my tummy before!"
It was still a while, though, before Matt could feel him kicking. Just wait til you see Bill's face when he can finally feel Flutterbug as well!

Catherine said...

Haha! Before I started feeling the little thumps, I had a few occasions when I noticed I could feel my pulse in my tummy. That must have been the baby, too!

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