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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maternity Clothes Mini Shopping Spree

I bought some more maternity clothes today, mainly work clothes. I was getting sooo tired of wearing the same 2.5 outfits to work over and over again!

Now all I really need is a pair of GOOD maternity jeans that don't fall down all the damn time! If such a thing exists, that is.

My loot is pictured below.
Sexy maternity pants, right? Haha, gosh maternity pants are so goofy looking! Anyway, I bought these in brown for work.

This is a very soft lightweight layering tee.

This looks way better in person. It's good for work or going out.

Nice lightweight and cotton! Now I'm ready for a Memphis summer!

As with the other blouse, perfect for Memphis in the summertime.

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