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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

On the BPP recently they were discussing a cute web site called Postcards From Yo Momma, which is a site where people upload emails, snippets of IM conversations, etc. from their moms. It's a really funny web site.

Here are a few samples:
a pleasure talking to you

Thank you for the pictures that I cannot open or even look at. It was a pleasure talking to you last night on the phone when you were more interested in a baseball game than speaking to me.

Let me ask one question, I know what it consists of to put a picture on the email and send it. Especially since I sent you a complete CD of Marta’s wedding. Is it that you don’t think that much of me to send a picture of Anna that I could print??

Anyway thanks.
Your mother

turkey bacon

I was up in the middle of the night with aching bones and fever. It is not possible. Everybody interrupts, calls, comes by. Anyway, when I was lying there feeling like I had flu, I wondered if you can get bird flu from eating turkey bacon?

Love you,

nasal irrigator
In other news, your father asked me this morning if he could borrow my nasal irrigator. I got very excited, thinking he was being pro-active in fighting the cold that’s got him sniffling non-stop already. Turns out he just wanted to use the irrigator to inject jelly into the croissants he was baking. I could write a fucking book.

I’ve got to buckle down now and read this new script.


awesome idea

* Mom:
Why don't you marry your friend Caroline, she can have a baby. Your brother could be the donor so it would be my real grandchild. It would be your neice or nephew as well as your son or daughter.
* Me:
Wow it appears you've put some thought into this.
* Mom:
it came to me last night, I thought it was an awesome idea. run my idea by Caroline I'll even pay for the psychiatrist the kid will need one day.

Ok, ok - that's enough! I could put dozens here. There are some real gems on the site.

I thought of promising my unborn child to never be like these moms, but some of the emails on the site remind me of myself already!

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Mama Shel said...

Happy first Mother's Day to you, girlie!!

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