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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Belly is HUGE

Something happened overnight and my belly, which was already expanding, has grown HUGE. I definitely look pregnant now. My co-workers aren't shy about the belly at all. Luckily I'm good-natured about it. I'm pregnant, my belly is supposed to be popping out.

Bill and I will have to get that belly cast done soon - maybe this weekend. We've been so busy lately! Maybe I'll post some belly pics here soon, too.

I'm having a great day as far as morning sickness goes. If I continue to follow my pattern of two days of no sickness, one day of barfing, I'm due a barf fest tomorrow. I'm hoping for a reprieve, though. I feel SO much better. I even walked into the kitchen for a few moments today (without retching). Smells like victory... (just don't breathe it in too deeply).

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Mama Shel said...

Ok, now I REALLY need to bring this box of maternity clothes over to your place!! During the move last week I accumulated quite the jackpot of cute garments to fit anywhere from your first to third trimester so surely you will find some stuff you really like. Some is casual, some nice enough to wear to work.
Let me know what night is good for you and I'll swing by. Matt says he'll watch Miles for me so we can "talk baby" for a bit. ;)

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