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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Bought Baby Clothes!

Well, I was at Target. I was alone. And I couldn't resist picking up these cute little onesies in green and yellow with frogs and happy little bees. Note: The actual colors are more pastel than in the pic above from I think they'd work fine for a boy or a girl. Obviously, I was missing Bill. The onesies remind me of these adorable little frog books he saved from his childhood. I think they were a gift from his babysitter. I guess the kogojira will inherit the books!

Bill comes back from Florida tomorrow afternoon! I hope he doesn't think I'm crazy for buying baby clothes already!

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Mama Shel said...

Ok let's clear this up right now - it is NEVER too early to buy baby clothes. You will be simply amazed how many daily changes your little one will go through. Matt and I used to be able to make it sometimes more than a week without hunting down and washer and dryer. But now the baby has his very own separate laundry basket and requires about a whole load a week.
Who knew something so small could take up so much space?!

P.S. While you're shopping for baby clothes go ahead and buy a lot of stuff one, maybe even two sizes up. The newborn stuff will absolutely come in handy but you never know how big baby will be or how fast he/she will grow. Miles has just turned 2 months but is wearing 3-6 month clothing.

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