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Friday, August 8, 2008

In My Mailbox: Bead Swap Beads

I participated in a bead swap with the ladies of the MDC October 2008 Due Date Club (it's an online forum for women due in October), and I got my beads earlier this week, but I've been SOOO busy that I haven't had a chance to examine them until today. So I have a different bead from about thirty-four different women, along with little notes of encouragement and inspiration regarding pregnancy and childbirth. Very sweet!

If you want to see LOTS of pics of the beads, I took several so I would be able to remember who sent which beads. The beads are really lovely, so check out a few of the close ups!


Mama Shel said...

Which website do you go to for your DDC? I can recommend an excellent one I've frequented since the day I tested positive for prego and they are a wonderful bunch of women. I'm sure the Oct. DDC is just as awesome as the Jan. DDC I belong to.
We've exchanged formula, recipes, encouragement, lively debate and one of the mods even sent me a VERY generous gift card for my birthday!

Catherine said...

I go to - it's the web site for Mothering magazine. I've been going to the site since January, and I joined the DDC back in March.

Aren't DDCs great? I tried a few others until I found one that was the right fit for me, then I just loved being able to discuss subjects topical to what we all were going through around the same time. I'm very active there (not so much this month, though, because work is so intense right now). Bill likes to lurk on there too (reading the posts); it really helps him learn a lot about what is going on with me.

I definitely recommend joining a DDC for all pregnant women (no matter how active you think you might be in it). Our DDC also has a Yahoo Group, and I am sure we'll continue to support one another and stay in touch after the babies are here (actually one mom already had her twin boys early on August 8).

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