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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Golden Slumbers...

So you may have noticed the frequency of posts has declined around these parts lately. Well, that is probably because I have spent most of my waking hours for the better part of a month or so focusing on helping Calla learn to nap effectively. It has been a huge investment of time and effort, and we haven't quite accomplished all our nap time goals, but we have made great progress. Calla now naps in her crib twice a day, everyday, for around two hours. She goes to sleep pretty easily, but usually wakes up mid-nap and needs a little help getting back to sleep.

Maybe someday soon I will have a chance to post in more detail about our plan and strategies, which were inspired by Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Nap Solution, with a bit of Dr. Weisbluth's Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child thrown in for good measure. I am not down with "crying it out" personally, so I really cherished the information I found in NCNS.

As I type this, Calla is napping. I know we have lots of work left to do, but I am experiencing a feeling that is all-too-rare for first time moms: confidence! I'll close with examples of two images I hold dear these days: a peacefully sleeping Calla, and a happy well-rested Calla, upon waking from a nap:

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Catherine said...

Hi Cat,

Found your blog through your MDC sig. So interested in this post because I am really becoming discouraged with the NCNS for my almost 5 m/o! Won't settle down for naps without paci, and won't resettle after 1st sleep cycle ends. Would LOVE to hear more details about what worked for you.

Best, Catherine

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