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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why I'm a Shut-in. An Example

Going out during wonder week (fussy period preceding acquisition of new developmental milestones)...

So I decided to go out yesterday and get an outfit to wear to a NYE party we're attending tonight. Bill was going to meet us so he could watch Calla as I shopped. i even pumped a bottle to save time if she got hungry during the trip.

When i got ready to leave... dead battery. i thought it was an omen... Bill says it's because i never drive my car anymore. Anyway, he picked us up. In spite of wonder week, Calla was being pretty good. We put her in the stroller in hopes she'd continue her car seat nap.

She started fussing while i was in a dressing room. Some nosy old woman told Bill that the baby was to young to be shopping and stood there staring at him while he tried to calm the baby. He told me about it and I was so mad i wanted to find her and give her a piece of my mind - but who had the time for that!

He gave calla the bottle and she was fine. I went into dressing room again and then i heard my baby screaming. Being the bottle newb that I am, I forgot the vent thingie, the bottle worked fine at first, but then it spilled milk all over Calla. :( She was soaked!!! And mad!

THEN when I changed her into dry clothes, I discovered the spare outfit i brought was too small!!! I guess my 11 wk old is officially wearing 6-9/6-12m sizes now, no more 3-6m. I just had to squeeze her into the outfit, which was a footed one-piece (poor Calla), so she wouldn't be naked until we got home.

In short, it was an adventure! I told Bill that my fear of that kind of outing is why i'm being such a shut-in lately. He reminded me that we have had several good outings, too. True, but i was SO glad to get home.


MrsHonea said...

I swear people should keep their stupid thoughts to themselves. I'm sorry you had a rough day, but am hoping you guys have an awesome NYE tonight!

Beth said...

Oh, I know it is so much easier to just stay at home! It is nice to gt out and do things or go shopping but when they are this little it is often more of a hasle than it is worth!

Catherine said...

I was thinking about you today, Beth! A lot of the Oct mamas are connecting on Facebook. Check the forum (or email me for more info, if interested).

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