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Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend -Calla's First Road Trip

Calla hamming it up with a diaper on her head:

Calla went on her first road trip on the Friday following Thanksgiving when Poppa Bee drove the family to middle Tennessee so we could introduce Calla to several of my relatives. She met her uncle, both sets of great-grandparents, her great-aunt and great-uncle, as well as her mama's Nanny T, along with a slew of cousins and family friends. We all had a really good time. I loved showing off Calla, who was quite the charmer overall.

She was extra good in her car seat during the four hour drive to our destination. She didn't cry at all. We made sure to stop frequently to change her diapers and see if she wanted to eat. I was so proud of my little darling, who used to cry at nearly every red light or stop. She was on her best behavior.

On the ten minute drive from the hotel to Aunt Susie's house, however, she decided to cry and scream the whole way. I have to admit this drive took place during her usual "fussy period" anyway, and I couldn't blame her for not wanting to be in the car seat anymore after being in it for such a long time already.

We had a really great time visiting with Aunt Susie and Uncle Cayce, Granny and Gene, Aunt Linda, Cousin Richard, and Cousin Lindsey along with her two adorable daughters: Kylei and Savannah. The girls were fascinated with Calla and loved stroking her baby hair. They were too cute! Calla slept for most of this visit, even though I was hoping she would wake up so they could see how fun she can be. Everyone was in love with her anyway, though!

We were worried how she'd sleep in the hotel, but she did great on Friday night. Thank goodness because Mama was still tired from Calla's antics on Wednesday night when she was up half the night nursing and fussing. Everyone woke happy and well-rested the next day.

We'd hoped to introduce Calla to her Grandpa Ron, but he got sick and had to go back to the hospital the day before. She'll meet him later, though. She got to spend Saturday afternoon with his parents, Mamaw and Papaw. A little mystery was solved when we took off Calla's hat and Mamaw said, "Oh! She has red hair, just like my daddy!"

Calla was very alert and being cute. She managed to entice my 85 year-old grandfather to join her down on the floor. He was rewarded big big smiles after he told Calla that she was prettier than both her mother and father put together (which is true, after all).

We got to see her Uncle Charlie briefly before he left to go visit Grandpa. We also got to play with Mamaw and Papaw's "baby," Gizmo, a spoiled toy chihuahua. Giz has a bib and Mamaw spoon feeds him his dog food. He's very smart and sweet.

Later that evening, we returned to Aunt Susie's for a delicious dinner. In addition to Uncle Cayce and Aunt Susie, Richard, Granny and Gene, my Nanny T (Teresa), and Cousin Jennifer and Terry were there. It was so great to see everyone. Dinner was delicious, and we had a lot of fun. Calla woke up and even smiled a bit, especially when everyone laughed after Poppa Bee put a diaper on her head. She had Granny down on the floor with her this time!

Want to see photos from the trip?

Everything went so well, I can see us going back to visit again soon. I really found it exhilarating to be out of the house. It was sort of surreal to go back home, where I spent so many years of my childhood, with my own child in tow this time. And I found it very heart-warming to watch these people I love fall in love with Calla.


MrsHonea said...

It was so great seeing you all! Calla just melted my heart and I hope you all return very soon and often! ;) Loved looking through your photos of everyone. I haven't seen Charlie in a long time. I was also wondering who you kept referring to as Nanny T...and now I know! haha

Dallas said...

I am so sorry we missed seeing ya'll. I had been coughing and Caleb just got over a virus. I did not want to expose Calla to that. She is so beautiful. We hope to see ya'll next time around. Love the pics and blog. Love to all.

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