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Gender: Female
Name: Calla Sophia
Birthdate: October 11, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Calla Is Two Months Old Today!

And she had her first shots. (See the band-aid on her chunky little thigh?)

She didn't cry when she got her shots! I nursed her while it was being administered and she didn't even flinch. She hated the cherry flavored oral vaccine however. I'm glad she didn't find the shots traumatic since we're using Dr. Sears' Alternative Vaccine Schedule, which requires more sticky pokes overall.

Here's Calla's stats:
Weight: 15 pounds even
Height: 24 inches

She's healthy and doing well!


MrsHonea said...

glad she did great!

Beth said...

Ha! my babes 15 lbs even also! Good she did so well with the shots.

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