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Gender: Female
Name: Calla Sophia
Birthdate: October 11, 2008

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seventeen Months!

Wow! Calla is seventeen months old today. Already?!

She's getting to be such a big girl now. It's quite a joy watching her grow. Calla is learning so much at this stage; the sponge analogy for children this age is so apt! She's now capable of recognizing nearly all of the alphabet, and she likes to do her own mumbly rendition of the alphabet song. Her newest interest is counting. She recognizes some numbers, and likes to "count" items, like this: "One! Ten! Ten! Ten!!! Yaaaay!!!" She is beginning to recognize colors and shapes. Never misses an opportunity to practice climbing.
When she "jraws" now, her scribbles have taken on a more sophisticated appearance, with curves and swirls instead of the series of vertical lines she always drew just a few weeks ago. She also has an idea of what she's drawing. She announces, "A!" and draws a scribble, for example.
Her play has taken on a much more imagination-driven cast. Last night she had all her dollies and puppets introducing themselves to one another, "Hi! Dwagon." "Kuh-kee (Cookie Monster), HI!!"
She's also beginning to outsmart her mama. During bathtime yesterday, just after I wet her hair and before I began to shampoo (which she hates, by the way), she looked at me very gravely and said, "Potty." I asked if she needed to potty, did she have to poop, etc. and she stood up in the tub as if it was very urgent. Did she potty? No! Rascal. She just ran away, naked and free. Bathtime today, her hair is getting washed first thing!

I can't believe she's only one month away from being one and a half!

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