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Monday, March 8, 2010


We are considering enrolling Calla in a part-time daycare, parents day out program, or pre-school in the coming months. There are a few reasons for this, one being that my helpers who come for a few hours three days a week and watch Calla while I tend to chores and occasionally run errands, won't be available indefinitely. One is pregnant, and the other is seeking more substantial employment. Another important reason is so Calla can be around other children. She really seems to relish opportunities to interact with other kids, such as when we go to the park, zoo, or to her Spanish class. Also, I know someday she will be going off to school, and I'd like that transition to be a gentle one (for both of us really), so I thought it best to start with a few half days a week and gradually increase the time apart over the next few years.

The ideal program would allow Calla to attend two half days, then increase to either two full days or additional half days, and be an educationally enriched environment for Calla. I'm particularly drawn to the Montessori schools in town because the more I learn about Montessori, the more it reminds me of my own approach to parenting, while also inspiring me as a parent. It really speaks to my instincts. I suspect Calla would thrive in that type of environment. Another place of interest is FLICC, a Spanish language immersion daycare, which several friends have recommended. Helping Calla acquire a second language early in life is a priority for us, obviously FLICC would be a tremendous help. We're open to considering other reputable daycare providers and parents day out programs, but it's important they be educational and, if run by a church (as most seem to be), I prefer they not engage in religious instruction/indoctrination. My personal opinion (and experience) is that it's best left to a child's family and/or church to instruct very young children in such matters. I'll leave it at that to avoid getting off topic.

Of course the cost (and value) is an important factor, as well. I'm looking at tuition prices and comparing them to how much we spend for our helpers. On a monthly basis, parents day out and part-time daycare are the same or less (not including the various fees, of course). Montessori, which has a minimum tuition for five half days a week (she can attend as few days a week as we wish, and increase over time, but must pay for five days) is a bit less than double what we spend now. FLICC is a bit more than double (and only offers fulltime tuition, without attendance requirements). This is good to know, but that cost alone cannot be the deciding factor.

I've begun to schedule a few tours. I'm sure that's going to help us decide for certain which place will work best. Wish us luck! I'm so excited for Calla, but very nervous - even though it's months away.

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