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Gender: Female
Name: Calla Sophia
Birthdate: October 11, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Bit About Calla's Birth

I hope to write a detailed version of Calla's birth story soon, but right now I'm just too busy taking care of her to find the time!

Highlights from the Big Day:

  • Prior to going into labor, I was already dilated past 3 cm, effaced to 75%, and Calla was at +1 station in my pelvis. I had quite a bit of the work of labor already under my belt!
  • I began to go into early labor around 9 am on October 10. I wasn't really sure if I was in early labor or not, but I had a feeling the baby would be coming over the weekend, at least.
  • Bill came home from work to be with me - just in case!
  • Texted and phoned my awesome doula, Melissa Stallings, throughout the day to keep her posted.
  • Contractions became more noticeable, with some cramping accompanying them in the evening while Bill and I watched a DVD.
  • Bill made a hearty dinner so I would be well-nourished for birthing a baby! I ate half as much as I normally would.
  • Contractions finally reached a point where I knew that this was going to be the big day (around 8 PM)!
  • Bill and I went to bed to get rested up to have a baby!
  • Contractions intensified and Bill was awesome helping me to relax through them. He also timed them and kept in touch with my doula.
  • Once my contractions were about four minutes apart, we decided to call the doula over. When she arrived, I was completely effaced and dilated to about 7 or 8 cm! Getting close to babytime!!
  • We continued to labor in bed, my doula hung out at the front of the house to give us privacy but also to be near at hand when/if we needed her.
  • I started to feel a bit nauseated around midnight. I went into the bathroom and projectile vomited my dinner. At the same time a little gush of amniotic fluid came out, but then the bag of water sealed itself. Our doula said it was a good time to go to the hospital.
  • We arrived at the hospital around 1 am on October 11.
  • Things got a bit dramatic at the hospital for a while, which made it not so easy to focus on staying calm and relaxed!
  • Unfortunately, there was no copy of my pre-natal records at the hospital! This made the little interview they do before they let you get started having a baby (it's a bit ridiculous, I have to say) last a LOT longer, since they didn't have any information about me.
  • Also, they didn't have a copy of the birth plan included in my records (outlining my wishes to avoid drugs among other things). I realized this when they tried to give me an IV instead of an INT (line to my vein where an IV can be hooked up if needed). Luckily, I had a copy of my birth plan signed by my doctor with me.
  • Two nurses got into a spat about when to let Bill and Melissa come into the delivery room with me. I have to admit all the tension got to me a little bit and made it harder for me to stay focused.
  • The doctor on-call from my doctor's practice came to exam me. We decided to break my water to go ahead and speed up the process.
  • Soon after breaking my water, my doctor arrived to deliver Calla! I was very happy to see her there because I really wanted her to be the one to deliver the baby.
  • I finally began pushing, and after about 25 minutes of pushing (or so I'm told - I wasn't exactly watching the clock) Calla was born on October 11 at 3:58 am! I have to say pushing was the part I thought would be most daunting, but in truth it wasn't bad!
  • I was elated to know that Calla was finally born. Seeing my newborn child for the first time was and will always be the most significant moment in my life. Sheer joy!
  • Hope this isn't TMI, but I was also thrilled to learn that I didn't tear! And I feel blessed each time I have gone to pee since Calla was born!
  • Thanks to Team Calla, we managed a completely natural, unmedicated birth. After doing that, I feel like I could do anything, but to be honest it was easy to do!
Calla Stats:
Weight - 8 lb, 7 oz
Length - 20.5 in
Head - 14.5

And she's due to eat in a few minutes, so that's all for now!


MrsHonea said...

Congratulations on your completely natural child-birth. I had wanted to do that with Kylei, but 20 hours into the 26, I became nauseous and sooo tired, I caved and got an epidural. I did, however do it "my way" lol with Savannah, and would recommend that way to anybody! It is sooo much better, for various reasons. Calla is so beautiful and I hope you continue to post much more about your little family!

Orchide said...

I am hoping I can do you proud and have a smooth, quick birth with no drugs too! You inspire me. Calla is gorgeous:)

sweetpea said...

I know she made brownies and cookies on this day. Isn't my granbaby beautiful??

Catherine said...

If I can do it, I'm sure any woman can - given the right circumstances. Believe in yourself, Viv, and I'll be wishing you the best possible circumstances. However it goes, you'll have baby Jasper in your arms very soon! That's the most important thing! :)

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