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Gender: Female
Name: Calla Sophia
Birthdate: October 11, 2008

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Party I

Yesterday, we had the first of two birthday parties celebrating Calla's second birthday. Calla woke from her nap singing "Happy Birthday" and said "It's gon' be FUN!!!" She decided to wear a very special outfit for the occasion: pink stripey leggings, her beautiful red cheongsam, and purple shoes, of course. She looked stunning!

Calla had so much fun playing dress up, making music, dancing, and playing outside with her friends: Elise, Baby Max, Zoe, Edwin, Owen, Connor, Miles, and Baby Murray. She was happy to see all her grown up friends, too.

We ate cupcakes from Muddy's after snacking on hummus, Bill's guacamole, Gram's artichoke dip, and lots of yummy fruit. I'll post all the other photos of Calla eating her birthday cupcake soon!

Gifts? Calla got some wonderful presents: a table with two chairs, fairy coloring books and sticker books, an ice cream play set, an adorable little cup, and a Yellow Submarine lunch box. Lots of artsy crafty toys were received, such as a spin art kit, a button art kit, and a Hello Kitty activity set. She got some beautiful things to wear: a custom dyed (by BBVM) pair of trainers and a lovely scarf. Also, there were fun playthings: a great Melissa & Doug clock and a fishing game. I hope I remembered everything!

She had so much fun that, afterwards, it was very hard to get her to sleep so she will be well-rested for Birthday Party II later today!

PS Some time next week, I'll post all the photos and videos. Until then, these snapshots from my phone will have to do.

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not said...

Golly, 2 already. Time really does fly. I still have some memories from that age ... none of these kid capers quite seem right - we are still the kids ... right?! merrin

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