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Monday, April 5, 2010

Calla Update

The days have been busy lately, so I haven't posted much here. I'll take a moment to quickly update what's new with Calla.

She's 17 months old now and has been learning lots of new things. She can recognize nearly the entire alphabet in lower case now. She first learned it in uppercase. She has mastered most of the basic colors, and is beginning to learn the neutral colors now. She's learning her shapes. She can recognize circles, triangles, hearts, stars, hexagons, crescents, etc. Still learning ovals, squares, and rectangles.

In the last several days she has begun counting. She has successfully counted up to eight. She reliably counts up to five as of yesterday. Each day it gets higher.

She's also doing really well when it comes to pottying. We've switched to big girl panties (padded cotton underwear) fulltime at home, with pullups for outings, using diapers only overnight. She is doing great, with increasingly fewer accidents each day. Yesterday, there were no accidents, with the exception of one during our four hour drive home from Pulaski. The day before, only one accident. She's not intimidated by big potties anymore. I'm looking forward to her gaining the fine motor skills to work her clothing on her own, which will take her to a whole new level of pottying.

What else?
She's climbing more and more. She's adding more words and phrases to her lexicon. She's getting a bit more social, a lot more imaginative, and very independent.

We're visiting preschools so we can begin a very unhurried process of finding a good parttime preschool for her. I think she will enjoy being around other children and more opportunities to learn and play, which I feel are synonymous at her age. We'll be visiting two this week: Maria Montessori and Natural Learning School.

We are a few weeks away from her 18 month well baby visit. Hard to believe she's halfway through her second year already. Yay Calla!

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