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Gender: Female
Name: Calla Sophia
Birthdate: October 11, 2008

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calla's Words

This is a list I had been keeping on my iPhone. I think I'm going to stop keeping track now, because it's getting to be a chore!
She signs most of these words, too. If a word has an * after it, that means she only signs the word.

Best words
(used most frequently, pronounced best, etc): more, hi, byebye, happy, booboo, milk, up, down, help, banana, cheese, mama, daddy

Food: eat-eat, drink*, milk, water, cheese, apple, banana, orange, cake, tomato, pop-pop (popcorn), seeds, gulp, rice, dog-dog, egg

Body: toes, nose, booboo, knee, boob, eye, back (for most other body parts, she just points)

Animals: fish, owl, goat, bird, squirrel*,frog*, (for most animals, she makes the sound and/or sign), kitty

Animal Sounds: pant, woof, meow, roar, buzz, bah, moo, neigh, quack, tweet, hop (bunny), ooh eee (monkey)

go, boat, car, airplane*, train*, bike*

boo, doll, bear, ball, block, book, play*, tickle, high-high (High five), bubble

Sleep: sleep*, blanket*

Manners: thank you, please

Commands/demands: help, up, down

People: mama, daddy, popples, gram/grammy*, baby, girl, Aimee, Anna

Clothing: shoes, socks*, hat*, coat, watch

Exclamations: uh-oh, oww, wow, whoa, ta-da, yuck, shhh

Greetings/Goodbyes: hi, hey, hola, hello (only when playing with cell phone), bye, bye-bye

Bodily functions: potty, poop, burp, ah-choo

Hygiene: brush teeth*, bath, brush, wash hands*

Environment: moon, tree, flower*, rock

Other: more, big, no, yeah (when playing cell phone), house, this, that, beep-beep

Hi daddy!
More milk!
Milk milk GO milk! (She really wanted to go nurse that time.)
Eat-eat cheese.
Hi baby!

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