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Gender: Female
Name: Calla Sophia
Birthdate: October 11, 2008

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Three Months Old Today!

Wow! Time flies. Calla is already three months old.

If you didn't already know these things, let me tell you about my baby!

Calla is a morning person. When she wakes up first thing in the morning (and after most of her naps), she is just full of smiles! It's amazingly cute. She likes to hear the song about the Itsty Bitsy Spider and mama's made-up Good Morning song, but her special lullaby is Across the Universe.

She's starting to babble a lot in just the last week especially. For a long time, she has had a few special "words" in her vocabulary, though:

Her catchphrase: Aaahh goooo! I don't think it means anything in particular, she just says it to impress her mother.
When she's a bit upset: Nuuuuuh.
When she's a lot upset: Uhhhlaaaaaaah!!!!

She loves to hear people click their tongues and blow raspberries. She likes to keep a close eye on ceiling fans. She almost always giggles when mama helps her "clap her hands" - which is awfully cute because all that baby fat jiggles.

Her favorite toys are her Raggedy Ann doll (whose hair she will endlessly caress) and her good pal, Mortimer the Moose. She likes her swing, especially the owl mobile, which captivates her even when she isn't in the swing. In fact, she's having a spirited conversation with them right now.

She usually sleeps through the night (depending on your definition); waking once to feed after a 5-6 hour stretch of sleeping then drifting back to sleep. Naps are another matter, however. She hasn't quite got the hang of napping on her own, preferring to sleep in her mama's arms, snuggled in the wrap, or to be lulled to sleep by her swing while she studies those curious owls. Mama keeps trying to get her to sleep in her crib, and surely it will work out soon.

She's a very healthy little girl, who is growing at breakneck speed. At 3 months of age, she is at least 17 pounds and 24+ inches. She outgrows her baby clothes in the blink of an eye. She's very strong, too. She's cursed with reflux, but it doesn't seem to cause her much misery, other than taking medicine twice a day. It tastes like peppermint (and medicine), so she tolerates it (usually).

Each time she wakes in the morning, or even from a nap, it seems like there is even more soft fuzzy red hair on her head.

She often manages to randomly say things or do things as if on cue. Like saying waving goodbye or answering "Gooooo" when asked if she's good. She even babbled "gotta goo" as we were getting ready to leave a recent party. That's what we heard anyway. ;)

She's learning a lot as she grows. It's really amazing to watch her. She's teaching me so much more, though. As a mother, I experience a love that I would have thought to be beyond my capacity to know. Same goes for patience and worry, too. And pride, because I am so very proud of her.

Well, her babbling is taking on an irritated tone. I think she's ready for breakfast. And even though I could just go on and on about my little three month old girl, I'll stop for now and just go enjoy her.


Mama Shel said...

Oh, if you think THIS is awesome just you wait... ;)

HeatherZ said...

Aww.. so sweet that Calla Baby! Across the Universe is my lullaby too!

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